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Industry : Greentech

Our Core Product(s) / Solution

Thinking Green Sdn. Bhd. which was set up in August 2010, integrates green technology equipment with aesthetic, modern design to create products in the field of micro-architecture, better known as street furniture. 
The company’s main innovation is the GreeNomad, a kiosk where street retailers can conduct their businesses in safe, clean and green enclosed structures. The kiosk helps to beautify the city while reducing grid electricity usage. 
Thinking Green focuses on renewable energy development, designs and micro architecture. The company has successfully developed a variety of applications integrating green technology in the form of solar-powered energy utilizing environmental-friendly materials.						


GreeNomad, changing the face of our streets



GreeNomad Solar Powered Kiosk is a structure designed to be used for outdoor food & beverage retail outlets.  The kiosk is powered by solar with a battery system that stores up to 72 hours of charge time when sunlight isn’t available. 

It is made from recycled materials and has a basic rainwater harvesting and storage.  Collapsible like a matchbox, it takes up less space and is mobile which allows redeployment of the kiosk an easy matter.

Thinking Green Sdn. Bhd. is the mastermind behind GreeNomad Solar Powered Kiosk.  They began their significant research from street retailers.  They discovered that the issues facing the cendol man, the makcik selling nasi lemak and guy selling burgers at the pasar malam were similar.  About 95% touched on the fact they were conducting their business illegally.  This concerns the local authorities as it creates corruption and affects the quality of business in the outdoor food & beverage industry. 

In defence, local authorities’ refusal to approve licenses to street retailers is due to the retailers practise of low hygiene, lack of aesthetic quality and no green technology employed to existing structures and locations.  But their refusal only hurts the industry as it hinders new entrepreneurs from entering the industry.

But TGSB hopes that with the project given to them by Dewan Bandaraya Kuching Utara or Kuching North City Council, where 20 units of the GreeNomad will be deployed at the Kuching Esplanade & Waterfront area, it will pave the way for  their target clients which are street retailers and traders, especially youth entrepreneurs with new business concepts that are looking for space to conduct business on the street. Local authorities/city councils that are looking for a way to license street traders by placing them in hygienic, green and safe structures will also benefit and advertising and other large companies that seek branding space at strategic locations along with a medium that not only draws attention, but also builds a community around the medium while acting as a Corporate Social Responsibility platform.


The GreeNomad Kiosk provides the maximum amount of flexibility for street retailing.  It ensures minimum environmental impact and integrates the design itself with green technology so it will not look like a secondary add-on or refit.  It will be a platform where new technologies can be integrated in a plug and play format, creating a versatile product that can be customised and innovated for current and future technologies. It also assists local authorities to save cost without tapping into public funds as each kiosk is more than self-sufficient.


Currently, Thinking Green is pitching the GreeNomad to state governments and local authorities/city councils by developing and delivering proposals to the relevant departments and to the Mayor directly. From experience, existing and new street traders are eager to be allowed to use the deployed kiosks once it is on the streets. TGSB is also directly pitching to large companies with regards to the potential of advertising and branding space and the potential CSR nature of the kiosk.