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Rank Productions is in the Internet Indie (independent) Music business with a portal 2crank.com that is the main site for their music ecosystem. Rank inspires new independent musicians to publish their music on the portal and they then identify, groom and mentor this talent for bigger things including recording their music for the regional or global stage. Rank is also planning on creating a larger ecosystem for indie music with an independent IP TV video programmeme, aggregation of content for delivery on different platforms, organising concerts and gigs for the talent they discover and ultimately looking for talent that will become the new idols in the Asian market.

Industry : E-Commerce

Our Core Product(s) / Solution

2crank.com is a brand new music portal for independent artists, bands, instrument players, deejays and composers to promote their music worldwide. The company offers a full range of services for all music fans and musicians alike. 
2crank’s mission is to provide a powerful platform for young enterprising musicians and producers to succeed and to generate better end-products in the music industry.
Rather than just a portal to promote music, what differentiates 2crank from other similar portals is the ability for musicians to earn a fee each time their songs are downloaded.						


A new hope for musicians everywhere



Practically every Malaysian has heard a public service announcement against piracy, talking about how piracy equals theft or about how buying pirated music and movies jeopardises the livelihoods of the people who create the originals.  

The entertainment industry loses billions of ringgit every year to piracy and it’s a problem that doesn’t look like it’s going to go away anytime soon.

Well, 2crank.com would beg to differ. Founded in 2008 by designer cum programmer Mohamad Hazmi, the portal was inspired by the need for digital music to combat piracy by letting musicians control their own digital sales and royalty collections.

Hazmi brought Fauzi Marzuki, one of Malaysia’s leading composers, on board as the portal’s music advisor and veteran business development figure, Alphonsus Aloysius to help with the portal’s strategy.

Hazmi’s idea was simple, but brilliant. 2crank.com allowed independent musicians to promote their music to a potential worldwide audience. However, instead of merely being a repository for folk to dump music – like, say, YouTube – 2crank.com gives musicians the ability to earn a fee for each download of their music.

Meanwhile, a panel of music industry professionals that include big names like Roslan Aziz are tasked with ensuring the quality of the music on the site is up to par.

The invention of 2crank.com’s name is itself an interesting anecdote. They started off with ‘2 c your rank’, since the ranking of a musician is the key to success, fame and fortune. This was abbreviated to become 2crank, a clever play on words considering that in the old days folk needed to crank up the volume on their radios in order to listen to music.

The challenge though, was the fact that 2crank.com’s focus was on Indie music – which has never been a money-spinner. But, 2crank.com says they’ve seen the light at the end of the tunnel with regards to this problem.

Things are now looking good for them and 2crank.com says they’re clear on how they want to become the portal of choice for new musicians to showcase their talent. They say they are already in phase two of their four-part game plan and have a 36-month strategy to become regionally known.

The ultimate aim, they say, is to make money through an eventual IPO. And when they strike the mother lode, they plan to invest in other talents, to help another startup and to give others opportunities to come up in life as well.

For now, their advice to up and coming entrepreneurs is simple – never give up if you believe in the product, look for your niche and skill set and match them together.

2crank.com’s team speaks from experience, having almost given up in the early, dark days. Then came the realisation that different people were needed to do different things and that a company needs to always add value by bringing in people with knowhow and ‘knowwho’. The challenge is in making all this work together.