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NASMECH Technology Sdn. Bhd. is an environmental-technology and engineering services company. Its patented CarbonatorTM converts various organic waste to stable, odourless and safe ‘Carbon’ residue and significantly reduces waste volume from its pre-treated forms using green technology. It has proven performance and is very cost effective (opex and capex) for 4 major waste types –Industrial, Biomass, Medical and Municipal Solid Waste (MSW).

The waste management industry is huge and growing, parallel with population growth, and currently there are no imminent direct competitors or systems in Malaysia.

Industry : Greentech

Our Core Product(s) / Solution

Nasmech Technology Sdn. Bhd. is the pioneer and leader of waste reduction/reclaim treatment technology in various fields and industries. 
Its original and unique features, equipped with “Environmentally Friendly” design factors are the crucial elements that have made the equipment outstanding in various fields and services.
Its core competency has always been Cost, Technology and Green advantages over existing waste treatment processes andmethods.
The company offers customers   the experience of cost savings while using a locally developed technology which is friendly to the environment. 						


Environmental engineering at its best



As the world becomes more crowded and global population continues to grow, the waste generated by mankind is reaching epic proportions. Without responsible disposal methods, garbage can turn into a very serious issue for every single inhabitant of this planet. Indeed waste is already polluting our land, skies and waterways, as well as ruining otherwise beautiful landscapes in many cities and neighbourhoods.

Though some countries have started using incinerators to burn litter, this is not the best solution. Incineration is a very old technology. It produces pollutant gasses, is expensive and difficult to maintain. Other countries have opted for dryers to manage their waste, but this is also an old, foreign technology that reaches only about a 60% efficiency rate when applied to removing moisture from garbage. 

Through their years of involvement in Air Pollution Control, the team at Nasmech Technology realised that waste management was an issue that required immediate attention. A better solution for waste disposal had to be found — and fast! In Malaysia alone, there is a critical need for green waste management systems and the numbers “speak” for themselves. In 2010, Malaysians generated 1.8 million tonnes of industrial waste!

Local waste management is very much dependent on an out-of-date removal system. All kinds of refuse, including municipal, industrial, biomass and medical waste, is dumped into landfills. Not only is this practise hazardous to the environment it also means there is a very real danger of running out of space. Fortunately Nasmech has an answer to these woes and it’s called The Carbonator™.

The Carbonatorâ„¢ might sound like something out of a sci-fi movie but it is actually environment-friendly waste treatment equipment that was developed by Nasmech. This ingenious machine increases the lifespan and safety of landfills by reducing the weight, volume and toxicity of the waste that is disposed. The by-product of the process is a clean and odourless powder or sand that can be returned to the earth. The idea for the Carbonatorâ„¢ was conceived back when Nasmech was an environmental engineering company specialising in Air Pollution Control.

Carbonisation, which is the method used by the Carbonatorâ„¢, employs a system that has long existed as a natural biological process. It involves degradation of organic materials where the materials are slowly converted back into carbon. While carbonisation has many benefits, its biggest drawback is the time factor as the process takes a long time to reach the end of its cycle. This is where Nasmech comes in.

The company employs environment-friendly, cost-effective technologies to power the Carbonatorâ„¢, which speeds up the carbonisation process making it a very reliable, clean and green method to dispose of waste.

Currently, Nasmech’s clients are mainly large corporations or multi-national corporations, but the company is also targeting waste generators, licensed waste recyclers or treaters and concession waste management companies that deal with the 4 main types of waste – industrial, medical, municipal and biomass.

Despite their success in creating a game-changing machine, the team at Nasmech realise that it will take some time for industries and government sectors to choose carbonisation as the solution to their waste issues and to be convinced about the Carbonatorâ„¢.

However, they have no doubt that it’s only a matter of time before all sectors realise the need for a cheap, easy, environment-friendly method of disposing waste. When that happens, the team at Nasmech know that they would have finally achieved the kind of success they’ve been waiting for!