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iTAc operates a global Shared Services Outsourcing Center that provides software outsourcing services for the banking industry. The Company is unique because it specialises in high-end mainframe technologies and development using Cobol. It also provides software services, specifically those that involve IBM mainframes using Cobol language.

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iTAc MSC Outsourcing Sdn. Bhd. provides software outsourcing services, which focuses on legacy systems. iTAc specialises in mainframe banking. iTAc is the most successful Malaysian software outsourcing company, with service centres in various part of the world.						


To great-Eer heights with mainframe outsourcing



In the 70’s and 80’s,  computerisation saw the mainframe data processing system playing a key role in enabling major industries operate on a global scale. Banks, insurance companies, airlines, health services and government agencies were among those that came to rely heavily on mainframes.

But the advancement of technology and the introduction of personal computers and servers changed the game, rendering mainframe technologies and Cobol programming almost irrelevant to most businesses by the mid 90’s.

More and more IT graduates, in fact, were no longer even being taught mainframe technologies. So, for many IT-based companies, this meant mainframes were dead weight and not worth the time and resources developing skills sets for it. To most, that is, except iTAc.

ITAc founder and CEO Edmund Eer, who started the company with his wife in 1997, realised this would mean a shortage of mainframe IT expertise in the market and immediately saw this as an opportunity to capitalise on a niche.

In doing so, he decided to turn his back on the direction the market trends were taking and chose not to take advantage of the onset of the Internet at the time, or of the latest technologies to provide IT services.

He foresaw that mainframes would remain necessary for certain industries like banks due to the nature of the business involving large volumes of data, high security and round the clock operations.

He was sure this will mean a demand for iTAc’s specialised services, whose skill and quality of service, in turn, will help these companies remain alive and competitive in their respective markets. His planned worked.

ITAc’s aim was to capture the Malaysian market share and it has since established solid business relationships with most local and international banks here.

Not stopping there, iTAc subsequently set up the only structured mainframe Cobol training programme for fresh graduates in the country. It has to date trained more than 350 graduates, since 2003, many of whom have since gone on to hold advance positions in banks and IT companies.

For the past five years, ITAc has been enjoying an average of 30% growth per annum for the past five years. In ten’s year time, Eer sees iTAc as the premier Malaysian software outsourcing company.

However, the company projects it’s growth rate will eventually be hampered due to the limited size of the local market. But iTAc has no intention of just remaining a ‘kampung (village) hero’. It knows it must go global if it intends to not just remain relevant, but to continue to grow and stay ahead of the game.

iTAc must establish service centres and servicing clients in other countries and seeks to tap into the United States, Australia and Europe, as these three comprise more than 80% of the total mainframe market.

The company must also increase its overall size, build its brand name and attain global standards if it is to compete with international players. It also plans to turn Malaysia into the mainframe software outsourcing hub for the world and so, by promoting its niche services, it aims to attract high-valued services to local shores.