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Brotherhood Arts operates a rather unique storefront for self-designed, Islamic-themed merchandise comprising apparel for men, women and children as well as related accessories.

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Our Core Product(s) / Solution

Brotherhood Arts Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in June 2006 producing creative merchandise namely t-shirts and badges or any other medium to convey Islamic and good messages. 
In 2009, the company expanded its offering to Creative Media Solution – where the design and production of merchandise can be tailor made to reflect the clients’ brand and identity.						


Wearing your beliefs on your sleeve



Ask Muslims about their religion and they’ll tell you Islam is not just a religion, but a way of life. For Muslims, their beliefs permeate every facet of their existence.

Therefore, for the husband and wife team behind Brotherhood Arts, the idea of running their own business and making money naturally went hand-in-hand with their religious beliefs and spreading the message of Islam to as many people as possible.

Inspired by a Jakarta-based company that produced creative Islamic t-shirts from home, they started a SOHO (small office home office) concept business in 2004, churning out original t-shirts that had both artistic and religious value.

The idea that germinated in their minds was to have a group of close-knit friends working together to better the world through arts and creativity – in this case, via colourful and cute clothes which also contained profound messages.

Their work must have struck a chord with their clients and what began as an enterprise venture from out of a backyard prefabricated cabin grew in just four years to include a full-on retail outlet that included a full-time designer as well as a store manager, with business deals done only by appointment.

But for this intrepid couple, this was only the beginning. They are dreaming big dreams, which include, in the short term, exporting products to the United Kingdom, France and Egypt; venturing into film-making and translating their work into multiple languages in order to spread the message of Islam worldwide.

In the long run, their dream is to build a better world of people with folk who have good universal values.  And they intend to do this via arts and creativity. For their clothes, the aim is to have a chain of clothing outlets in major shopping malls. For their films, they dream of becoming a well-known production house within five years. And, within the next decade, Brotherhood Arts wants to establish an art academy to nurture creative youths and be a discussion platform for Islamic art.

They’ve already begun making inroads in the arts scene. Earlier this year, Brotherhood Arts was selected as one of the local creative companies to be featured alongside international creative teams in the Creative and Spiritual Path Event, held at the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia.

Still, the main challenge right now is a very basic one - financing. The equation is simple. Without enough money, there is less production – fewer new clothing categories and designs. If production is limited, so are sales. And without the cash flow generated by sales, R&D and future growth is in jeopardy.

It is an issue the founders are acutely aware of and they’ve been trying their best to generate what they need by taking out loans, applying for grants and even refinancing their home.

Their willingness to sacrifice and do what it takes to achieve their goals is all down to their life motto – to never give up and always believe that there will be a thousand ways to attain success.

And ultimately, their belief is to do what you are passionate at. To start small but think big. To keep inspiring others and do business that will benefit the society, country and the whole world.

In short, a way of life a Muslim would be proud to have.