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Our Core Product(s) / Solution

Envisioned to be a foremost service provider in remote sensing services and analytics for Precision Farming in the plantation sector, Braintree Technologies Sdn. Bhd. provides the best technologies in plantation mapping, plantation evaluation, plantation design and planning, plantation database development and analysis for production and fertiliser application.
Braintree is also designing plantation development in accordance with the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil Principles & Criteria.

The company’s operations are fully vertically integrated, capturing data of plantation from an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and using satellites, extract and generate plantation maps in combination with ancillary information from the plantation to produce a current plantation management map with GIS for plantation managers.  

Braintree’s plantation operations are in Malaysia, Indonesia, and will be expanding to other countries. 						


High-tech precision farming



Brain Tree Sdn. Bhd. provides analytics in precision farming.  By using remote sensing their job is to analyze the situation of a farm or plantation by planning to reduce time, cost, energy and to increase productivity –precision farming.

The idea came about accidentally when the founders of Brain Tree were doing research on bees in oil palm plantation using remote sensing. They discovered the efficacy of this method on bees’ habits and were confident and euphoric that this method could be used in the overall planning of a farm or plantation to produce better and healthier crops which in turn means better quality and better yields.

After buying the first UAV-Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, the remote sensing method which was normally used via satellite, only enhanced their services.  The drawback of the satellite was its inability to penetrate the clouds which are present all year round in our climate.  But the UAV which costs a fraction when compared to the costs of a satellite can fly below the clouds and still do the same job.

Their R&D which took a year could be shared and used to assist the annually RM90 billion oil palm market into a more efficient industry.

But it is still an uphill battle to convince the board members of the oil palm industry who are still sceptical of the effectiveness and value of remote sensing using UAVs. But Brain Tree is unfazed as they plan to go to key decision makers in the industries to present their service.