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Backbone Entertainment consists of a multi-talented and international team of producers, directors, designers, artists and animators. The studio creates animation in 2D and 3D, commercials, films, corporate videos and architectural walkthrough. Backbone Entertainment constantly keeps up with new technologies in animation in order to provide the best animation services to each of their clients.

Industry : Creative Content, Digital Services, Education
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Our Core Product(s) / Solution

Backbone Entertainment, an MSC status company, was founded in 1994,  a digital content company from Content Development to  animation production, TVCs , games and Edutainment to entertain children with a motley of programmes to keep them smiling and interested in learning.
Backbone is now home to some of the most talented artists, engineers, designers and producers in the industry.						


Ruling the content market



The world of graphic content, of animation, games and television commercials, is never stagnate. It is a constantly growing and changing market, fanned by the advancement of technology. Backbone
Entertainment does not just knows this, it welcomes this.

In its desire to head the race in this field, to leave other companies, the likes of  Animasia, Inspiedia, Silver Ant in its dust in the children entertainment genre. Backbone knows it must embrace the new technologies, researching and adapting to new hardwares and softwares to produce products and distributing them in tune with the times.

This sentiment, held so strongly by founder Christine, is one that is shared by her team, which has remained largely intact since Backbone's 1994 beginning. For that, Christine is grateful. She is well aware that for her projects to take off, she requires a team, and while it is a huge task to motivate and guide her staff to achieve this common dream, she is grateful to have a team that believes in her and is thus willing to undertake whatever challenges that heads their way.

Ideas are shared among the team and the bouncing off of ideas produce witty and fun results, exactly what you'd hope for in a company specialising in creating entertainment for children aged five to 14
worldwide. With story-telling playing a huge part in its content creations, it was Backbone that decided to bring comic hero Jinggo to the screen in an ambitious animated 3-D series. And while most ideas, like
Jinggo, are good, Christine says some are too advanced to be even launched just yet.

This dedication has given Backbone an edge over its competitors, enabling it to create an impressive range of animation series, television commercials, architectural walkthroughs, games, corporate
videos and augmented realities. And unlike its competitors, Backbone can devise graphic, interactive, application and content solutions, anywhere between three to 24 months, which are tailored for the 'three screens' - television, desktop and mobile. Solutions, Christine says, which benefits not just corporations such as Kolej Yayasan Sabah and renowned public relations and marketing firm Grey Worldwide Sdn Bhd, but broadcasters such a Radio Televisionn Malaysia (RTM) and the regular people.

So impressed were they that Kolej Yayasan Sabah decided to nominate Backbone Entertainment as its partner in the production of cutting-edge animation series  and its chief executive officer Dr DG Aminah Ali even deems the company, 'the leading production house in Malaysia in the field of TV commercials, 2-D and 3-D animated series and special effects.'

And it isn't just technology that is advancing. The market is always on the lookout for content. The public, says Christine, thirsts for fresh content on television, YouTube, Internet Protocol TV and the likes.

This is aided especially by the introduction of new mediums of transmission which provide easy and convenient access to contents such as IOS and Android on our phones. Backbone expects this consumption of contents to reach trillions of dollars in the near future and the company aims to ride the wave.

It is planning joint research and collaboration with universities to discover new opportunities, to start its own academy to train a new generation of highly skilled and competitive animators, for itself and
to supply the market.

Backbone is also at worldwide trade exhibitions such as MIPCOM and MIPTV every year to showcase its products and engages social networking sites, like Facebook, as well as the services of bloggers to interact with the young and keep them informed.

Content, after all is king and Backbone aims to rule.