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Invention, design and environment conservation come together in an exciting new way at Beta Factors. This eco-conscious electrical and electronics company educates clients on how to save costs and enjoy greater convenience by conserving energy or using renewable energy to power their businesses. With just a small group of talented and skilled personnel who work closely with clients, the company is fast gaining recognition as the go-to specialists in energy efficiency and renewable energy. Beta Factors aims to leverage their early success and become a top player in their field of expertise within 2 years.

Industry : Greentech

Our Core Product(s) / Solution

We are an electrical and electronics company and our special focus is on the areas of energy efficiency and renewable energy. We have excellent research, development and production facilities, which are supported by our experienced personnel who have expert technical knowledge.						


The Zen Of Business Success



Like many successful companies, the story of Beta Factors began with big dreams and unwavering determination. Founder Mohd Rizal, initially ran a simple business that traded electrical equipment and provided power solutions to factories. Despite the narrow market segment, he found himself facing stiff competition and struggling to take things to the next level. This exhausting, ongoing battle with competitors eventually inspired Mohd. Rizal to take a long, hard look at what he was doing right and what could be done better. He soon realized that, in order to make his company a success, he would have to give his customers exactly what they wanted and what they wanted was a effective, reliable way to reduce the cost of running their business.


Since he already knew plenty about electricity and power solutions Mohd. Rizal immediately set about looking for effective methods that would help his customers cut  the cost of their electricity bills. This was how Beta Factors came up with their remarkable integrated Power Management System. This system consists of the RAPTORâ„¢ (Reactive Power Regulator), the KSOLJD (Intelligent Circuit Breaker) and the ICARUS (Intelligent Conservation Solar Utilisation System). This amazing  system gives the ‘power’ back to users as it allows them to manage all electrical systems in real time — a crucial factor in minimizing electricity bills.


Beta Factors’ biggest challenge so far has been to acquire the capital and funds to promote their product. This is because many corporate clients require trial tests to prove the concept before deciding to apply the solution to their businesses. Beta Factors overcame this issue by coming up with a set of trial tests that gets clients excited about their product and motivates them to make the purchase.


Beta Factors has also been working hard to gain recognition for RAPTORâ„¢  and their persistence has paid off. They’ve won several awards locally and internationally including the coveted Best Invention in Pacific Rim award for the RAPTORâ„¢ System during the International Invention Exhibition in USA (INPEX) of 2010. According to the international jury, the RAPTORâ„¢ System has set a new record as the most award-winning product in INPEX history.


With these prestigious accolades under their belt, Beta Factors’ current vision is to become a major player in the Malaysian energy business. They hope to be a leader in their field, and their ultimate vision is to become a global energy company, in the near future. The plan, for the next 5 years, is to use the same approach, that was successfully applied in the local market, across several countries.


Since starting the business in 2008, Mohd. Rizal has done nothing but move forward. He says the drive and inspiration he needs to propel Beta Factors’ comes from his beloved father, siblings and good friends. He also favours the ‘zen’ approach when it comes to business. His motto in life is: “Be like a river; it keeps flowing no matter what’s waiting in front of it, as nothing can stop its progress.”


Having experienced the ebbs and flows of starting a successful business, Mohd. Rizal’s advice to new entrepreneurs is to believe in what they’re doing and to give 100% commitment to their business. He also says that it is absolutely crucial for entrepreneurs to be ready to face challenges and difficulties. He is often heard sharing this wisdom with colleagues and staff — reminding them to pray, remember God and believe in themselves.


Mohd. Rizal also says that he has learned a lot from his business idol, billionaire Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary. He finds Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar’s ability to come from virtually nothing create incredible success but still remain humble and grounded, as nothing short of amazing. Mohd. Rizal takes heart in the fact that even a billionaire like Tan Sri experienced multiple challenges before his dreams were finally a reality.