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Biotechnology is one of the great, new frontiers of 21st century innovative technology and Furley Bioextracts Sdn. Bhd. has ventured right to the heart of it with an interesting Malaysian twist. Furley conducts R&D work on local fruits and herbs, namely mangosteen and kadok, to develop nutritional and pharmaceutical products. The company uses its in-house research and extraction facilities to create nutraceutical powders, beverages and sprays for osteoarthiritis as well as acne and skin whitening, to name a few. Furley is set to list an IPO in the next 2 years and hopes to promote the health benefits of Malaysian fruits and herbs, all over the world.

Industry : Biotech

Our Core Product(s) / Solution

Furley Bioextracts is a Malaysian herbal research and biotechnology company  with our own extraction and manufacturing facilities. We research and develop nutritional and pharmaceutical products based on local herbs and fruits specifically mangosteen and kadok. We also provide clients with manufacturing and innovative nutraceutical product development.						


Humble Ingredient Trader to Prestigious Health Food Manufacturer

Some companies make food. Others make food taste great. Furley Bioextracts, however, is in the business of making food that is good for your health. But how did they get their start? It all began back when the Furley Group of Companies was a humble food ingredient trader. Although the entire operation was run by just two people, it didn’t slow the company’s progress.  As the Group became more established and their customer base grew, so did the demands for expertise in formulations, particularly for nutraceutical powders and beverages. To cater to this demand, the Group formed Furley Bioextracts in 2008.

In just 4 short years, Furley Bioextracts has established itself as a premium formulator and manufacturer of functional foods, which are essentially foods that have been fortified and enriched with health-enhancing ingredients. With strong roots in nutraceutical beverages, the company has developed unparalleled expertise in producing healthy fruit juice concentrates and powder blending. It’s clear that a strong dedication towards manufacturing quality and hassle-free products supported by science, as well as a commitment to efficient service, has paid off because with a little assistance and support from the Malaysian government, the Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation (Biotech Corp) awarded Furley Bioextracts the prestigious BioNexus status.

This respected status, which is specially awarded to qualified international and Malaysian biotechnology companies, was accorded in recognition of Furley Bioextracts’ involvement in advancing biotechnology in Malaysia and it gave the team at Furley added confidence and established them as a formidable player in the biotechnology industry. The company’s ultimate vision is to be recognised as the premium formulator for functional foods by the public as well as by key industry players. They aspire to the level where people will think of their formulations and manufacturing services as the gold standard and then be inspired achieve that standard.


Company founder Kelvin Soo is nothing if not a visionary and he already has plans that stretch out over the next decade. In the next 3 years, Kelvin expects his company to pioneer upstream supply management of raw materials in Malaysia. In 5 years, he envisions Furley deeply entrenched in the next phase, which involves numerous innovations from raw materials in the nutraceutical as well as cosmecutical line. In 10 years, Kelvin sees his company as one of the nation’s key organizations for nutraceutical and cosmeceutical products. It’s clear that none of this can be achieved without a lot of persistence but fortunately, Kelvin has more than enough of this trait to go around.

As he knows only too well, there is a fine art to financing a biotechnology venture in this part of the world, and many inspired collaborations can often turn out less than favourable. For instance, Kelvin recounts how his company created a formula for a multinational corporation, only to have them steal his original concept. Although this proves that a Malaysian company can come up with something so innovative that a multinational recognises its potential, it also shows that local companies must safeguard their ideas and innovations from plagiarism. Despite these pitfalls, Kelvin believes nothing is too hard to achieve and relies on his drive and ‘go get ‘em’ attitude to propel Furley to greater heights. He believes a positive outlook will always lead to a positive outcome.

Through the years Kelvin has learned a lot about being an entrepreneur and he has this to say to those just starting out: “Don’t let disappointments stop you. If you fall down, dust yourself off and stand up again.”


Since Kelvin believes perseverance is the key ingredient for success, it’s not surprising that he considers renowned entrepreneurs Mr. Li Ka Shing and Mr. Robert Kuok as his business gurus. He describes them as humble, low-profile businessmen who know the importance of taking care of their families and employees.. and that’s exactly what Kelvin Soo intends to do.