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There’s far more to waste material than meets the eye. Heritage Biotech (M) Sdn. Bhd helps to transform waste, particularly kitchen waste, into practical, helpful products such as bio-fertilizers. Heritage also provides environmental education to schoolchildren and keeps them eco-friendly with a green loyalty points reward program for recycling waste. The company is keen on becoming one of the leading providers of comprehensive waste and environmental management services in Malaysia within the next 2 years. Their biggest and brightest dream is to have one of their top waste material composting products – the BioSense Kitchen Waster Composter – in every home.

Industry : Greentech

Our Core Product(s) / Solution

Heritage Biotech (M) Sdn. Bhd is a specialist in composting, processing and producing commercial grade bio-organic fertilizers from waste material, specifically food waste. Our excellent waste composting technology helps to extend the lifespan of landfills and preserve the environment. We are experts at providing effective and efficient organic waste solutions.						


Want To Help Save The Planet? Start In The Kitchen!


In the past, Malaysian villagers used to recycle part of their kitchen waste by feeding it to their livestock. Today, however, everyone tends to unthinkingly chuck waste into the bin. In recent years, the recycling habit has started picking up speed in Malaysia but despite big progress in this arena, not many people are composting kitchen and gardening waste. The main reason for this is that traditional composting takes up a lot of space, time and energy. It also involves earthworms and highly unpleasant odours!


Realising the need to make home composting time, space and cost effective, as well as clean, Rokiah Hassan, the Founder of Heritage Biotech Sdn Bhd, sought to find a solution that would work for Malaysian homes. Her passion to save the planet for future generations plus an avid interest in biotechnology inspired Rokiah to travel to Holland, France, Thailand and Bali where she observed how biotechnology is applied in industries and daily life. She also noticed how it was used in technical and practical applications. The experience changed her life. Rokiah came home and founded Heritage Biotech.


Her company’s motto ‘safe & save,’ refers to their products and services that are `safe’ for people, animals and the environment. As it doesn’t cost much to make homemade organic fertiliser, people are also able ‘save’.


Rokiah’s special brand, which is known as Biosense, refers to both the biotech process and the five senses – sight, sound, touch, feel and smell. She now sells composting bins called the Biosense Kitchen Waste Composter and teaches people how to turn their leftover food into organic fertiliser.

To encourage the composting habit, Rokiah also developed the Biosense Scheme, which rewards customers BonusHijau points that they can use to redeem prizes if they send the fertiliser back to her. Rokiah truly hopes that the Biosense Scheme will be widely accepted by the Malaysian public and that it will start movement that ends only when each and every home has at least one composting bin. An entrepreneur with heart, Rokiah sincerely believes composting should become a healthy habit for Malaysians so each one of us can help save the planet.


As composting is still in its infancy in Malaysia, Rokiah realises that it will be awhile before things really take off for Heritage Biotech. However, her passion for what she does drives her on and helps her face every challenge, head on.


The biggest one so far, has been to prove to potential clients that the Biosense Scheme should be implemented by the community in Negeri Sembilan, where her company is based. To help convince clients, she is running a pilot programme in 3 schools for 6 months, in order to get feedback from students, teachers and parents.

Despite the challenges, Rokiah has already reached a number of impressive goalst, such as convincing a municipal council in East Malaysia to introduce the Biosense Scheme in 3 different residential areas. The communities in these areas were happy with the innovative programme, and as a result the scheme was featured on local TV channel, TV3 and in local newspapers. Since then, more people have begun asking about kitchen waste composting and Rokiah has been invited by resident associations, schools, clubs and other organizations to share her expertise on kitchen composting.


One of her most memorable success stories was when Malaysia’s former Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed purchased 2 sets of her Biosense Kitchen Waste Composter after viewing her demonstration at Floria Putrajaya. With her motto “passion, hard work and never stop learning to succeed in life” and a loyal team of industrious, honest and reliable people to back her up, Rokiah is poised for success. Her advice to those who want to start up their own business is simple: “Do involve yourself in the area you’re most interested in and ensure it has existing demand locally or internationally.”