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Today, education encompasses far more than just memorizing from text books or cramming for exams. Research has shown that children learn faster and better if learning is both entertaining as well as informatiovet. Hezmedia Interactive has taken the concept of edutainment to new heights by developing the first multi-award winning Role Playing Game for mathematics called Math Quest. This amazing game reaches beyond the basics of maths calculations and helps cultivate critical thinking and problem solving skills in children. Hezmedia’s aims to get to the forefront of the world’s edutainmnent development community within the next two years.

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Our Core Product(s) / Solution

Hezmedia is a game development company specializing in edutainment solutions for kids. Our brainchild project, Math Quest, was developed to be the first Role Playing Game, which can encourage kids to love and learn mathematics through play. Hezmedia also provides game development services to various local enterprises, multi-national companies and government agencies.						


A fun way to learn


Parents would like to see their children excel in academics, but children in general would rather play than do homework and study.

As big believers in the potential of games as a medium to deliver educational content, Hezmedia Interactive decided find a win-win situation for both parents and children via its brainchild project, Math Quest.

Math Quest is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) which seeks to encourage children, aged 9 – 12 years of age, to love and learn mathematics through game-play.

Players explore a vast virtual fantasy world and apply their mathematic problem solving skills throughout the missions and quests in the game along with their friends online.

The concept of teaching via video games is not new, with a few big players already in the market such as Knowledge Adventure, Secret Builder and FunBrain.

However, the bulk of such products released cover mostly general knowledge with a bit of history, mathematics or science.

Given Math Quest’s focus on mathematics, Hezmedia considers itself a pioneer in the space in that regard as the single subject focus allows for a comprehensive yet progressive syllabus that can cover all topics taught in Primary School.

During the initial stages of Math Quest’s development, the team relied on Flash CS5 for its fast development process and light output.

This meant the game could be hosted online and players around the world were able to access it and play instantly without having to download and install a program first.

It also meant that future plans to port the game over to other platforms such as Apple iOS and Google Android, would be an easier process.

In order to make it an online multiplayer game, it required a server and backend system that could support all player movement and communications.

Hexmedia used Smart Fox Server, a massive multiplayer platform for building games and had partner Zanaduto customize it according to its needs.

The target market for Math Quest is in a nutshell, parents, with 19 million of them in Asia alone.

When it comes to education, parents allocate about 30% of total expenditure for their children’s upbringing, invested in both the child’s welfare and education.

Parents are always looking for solution that can help their children do better in school and Hezmedia believes its product fits in well with current lifestyles.

With parent becoming busier and lacking time to monitor their children’s time spending habits, a product like Math Quest would give them peace of mind, knowing that while their children are playing, they are also learning.

In order to reach out to more parents, the company has adopted guerilla tactics to raise awareness levels.

Positioning itself as a thought leader on education trends, the company is also active on social media and blogs, putting forth research about the impact of digital multimedia towards education.

Traditional advertising and marketing will be considered in the future, once market awareness has been adequately raised about Math Quest, the convert followers into customers.

For the time being, the company has been conducting Math Quest competition and camps around schools in Klang Valley area.

The team has received good feedback from the students, parents, teachers and headmasters with requests for the return visit soon.

Puan Radziah, headmaster Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Bukit Subang said she was delighted that the Hezmedia team hosted a Math Quest Challenge at her school.

“I can see that my students are now talking about math as if it is a fun subject. It has successfully changes the common mindset whereby mathematics as a tough and boring subject, ”she said.