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Industry : Greentech, Engineering, Electronics
Because we’d like to 1. Find B2B partners e.g. Construction companies, developers, hoteliers (develop sales) 2. Find media partners - to develop market awareness 3. Find software partner - to systemise the operations and logistics 4. Find investors - to fund the growth

Our Core Product(s) / Solution

Sonneaire Solar Air Conditioning System - a renewable energy and eco based super efficient split unit air conditiong system. 						


From the sun to the air we breathe


  1. This is a Malaysian story – not just my story. My dad was a physicist and had been involved in solar technology all of his life and I was interested in the idea of solar cooling when he came back home and talked about it one day. However his was confine to the research institution only. I saw a light in this and decided to pursue it and incorporated Teknologi Inovasi Solar Sdn Bhd without any inkling how I was going to start. 
  2. As providence intended, things started to synchronise its way - I met talented people who believed in me and one was even a long time colleague and I suddenly discovered all this while unknowing that I had an uncle who owns a factory producing air conditioning for the oil and gas industry so I had access to qualified talent to start. The main working team comprised of my friends; mechanical engineer Mr. Surendran Veera (my long time colleague), microsolar system vacuum tube expert Mr. Teoh Siang Teik and I had access to qualified engineers from my uncle's factory. Each of us plays an important role in the creation, invention and the innovation of the local solar hybrid air conditioning branded as Sonneaire Solar Air Conditioning Systems.


  1. Idea, creation and innovation of the Solar Hybrid Air Conditioning System – (my side - Teknologi Inovasi Solar Sdn Bhd.)
  2. The essential component of the Air Cond – multivalve solar vacuum collectors technology – Solar Research Design Sdn Bhd, exporter of local Microsolar Solar Water Heaters – for the last 15 years
  3. Site installation and site recommendations – Repter Engineering Management, M&E and air cond contracting works last 10 years.
  4. Together we complement each other with our strength and bring our expertise to create a Made in Malaysia Solar Hybrid Air Conditioning called Sonneaire Solar Hybrid Air Conditioning Systems.

It is a classic new product development story where together with Teoh and Suren, we assembled and tested the unit not in the garage like a typical innovation story, but near the garage – rather at Teoh’s frontyard. The rest is what we have today. 

Today we have installed 50 units mainly in Lembah Klang in several sites - we have received positive testimonies from clients, and have a 3000 sq ft factory warehouse where we showcase, design, assemble, manufacture the product.