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BFF Female Portal

BFF is the go-to fashion and beauty news portal for women who are young and/ or young-at-heart. Covering fashion and beauty news from Hollywood celebrities to the latest trends from East Asia, you can find it all here on BFF.

Beauty trends change overtime, and it is BFF’s job to keep you abreast on all the contemporary looks and style of the season. From the red carpet to the runway, BFF will dish the gossip on who’s wearing what, from clothes to makeup brands. 

Just like a good BFF, we will also be providing links on how to get the look you want. Seen a cute headpiece on the female main character of a popular Korean drama? We will be hunting that down too. If we find it, we will share it – it is as simple as that. After all, best friends do not keep fashion and beauty secrets from each other. 

Be sure to check in with us daily for your dose of BFF-related news!