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Industry : Mobile Applications, SaaS-based Services, Others
Because we’d like to Penefit is a Saas Customer Loyalty Program for brands. We need creative to beautify UX, F

Our Core Product(s) / Solution

Penefit let brands owner create OWN loyalty program  for their loyal customers in mobile. Eg a like a starbuck app. Instead of starbuck app, brands can go to Penefit app with own brand card and logo present in the system. We support, prepaid reload, points, stamp, cashback, cards, voucher and more.						


Start Up Story

When starting up a business become easier, we can see more brands pop up, to compete with existing long established brands, we notice that a lot of plastic membership cards, stamp chop cards, sticker cards etc is introduce to consumers. Most of the small brands can't run the program long enough due to several reasons. 

  • Customers normally don't carry it with them.
  • Costly to launch
  • Expensive to buy system to implement the program.

Eventually, brands just ask for Identity number and mobile number, and the card become useless. Consumers have no idea what are those rewards.

We can see start in year 2015, brands are moving toward mobile solutions. It requires a lot of initial investment to develop an exclude app and end user end up with a lot of app in their mobile phone (which is another resources wastage). No way for smaller brands to compete with cash rich brands.

Penefit present is to address these problems. Help them to manage their loyalty rewarding in one aggregated app with the present of the brands virtual cards.

To cover wider industries need, Penefit by default supported a wide range of program type that is common used in the market. Eg: Reward Point, Stamp, Cashback, Vouchers etc.