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Industry : E-Commerce, Creative Content, Education
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Global Sponsorship and Event Matching Platform for Youth And Brands						


Youths Today was founded in 2013 by social entrepreneur Jazz Tan. Our mission is to fund, educate and support students and young professionals by turning their ideas into successful projects and fun events. With over 40,000 active youth connected to our portal, was the first and largest platform to connect over 50 corporate brands and 60 colleges with youth across Malaysia. We feature two signature events:

  • Our YOUTH JAM FESTIVAL is a program with emphasis on Technology, Entrepreneurship, Art and Music and
  • Our YOUTH AWARDS is a program to help discover hidden talents, provide valuable experience, and mentorship by high profile CEOs.

Notable awards received by Youths Today:

  • Best Start Up to Silicon Valley, USA Stanford Program Achiever 2014
  • Most Prestigious Start Up – ASEAN Entrepreneurship Award 2014
  • MCMC ANT Award by Prime Minister of Malaysia 2014
  • British Council and GAB Best Social Business – Entrepreneurs for Good 2013.


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