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Because we’d like to Revolutionize the world of acting through simplifying the process of character management

Our Core Product(s) / Solution

Tablework is an online platform that digitises the work of acting. 						



TABLEWORK is also known as a read-through, which is a well-known expression used throughout film, television or theatre productions. It is an organised reading of the script by the actors, going through lines to fully digest the story and sift through their characters. Actors spend 80% on their feet and 20% on table work. And with our software, we want to take that 20% to its highest efficiency.





At Tablework, we aspire to improve the standard of acting by being a web-based software that helps actors organise and prepare for roles, thus allowing actors to deliver engaging performances and powerful presentations.


To become the app that sets the standard practice for professional actors worldwide.

To become the leading app for character building, collaboration and continuous development.

To be the leading app for aspiring actors to explore and expand their knowledge in acting.

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