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Industry : Biotech
Because we’d like to introduce Sustainable packaging solutions in the supply chain for carbon footprint reductions.

Our Core Product(s) / Solution

Biodegradable Packaging Products						


"Waste to Wealth"


Free the Seed Sdn Bhd was selected the National Winner of the 2014 GCIP Cleantech Competition and Accelerator Programme in Malaysia and is a Biotech & Greentech-based company focused on Bio-Packaging; R&D and Manufacturing of Biodegradable Packaging Products from Biomass Waste Materials using a Patented Bio-Enzymatic Technology, for the reduction of global carbon footprints.

The Technology

Free the Seed’s initiative is implemented in the northern region of Malaysia and involves 1,300 paddy smallholders. Existing stockpiles of rice husks and rice straw are purchased and converted using Free the Seed’s patented biotechnology process utilizing protease serene enzymes, delignified cellulose fibers and enzymatic gratification methods to produce Biodegradable Packaging products that compost organically in 180 days for the global market and in compliance with current sustainable packaging initiatives. As these waste stockpiles deplete, so does the incidence of open burning while the readily compostable nature of the end product ensures no further addition of harmful waste material to the environment. As the project progresses, the sector will see a stream of direct and indirect benefits in the form of additional income from the purchase of paddy waste material and associated pre-processing activities and the introduction of sustainability and stewardship standards which will lift the sector overall.

Post Cradle's CGP-Phase

The pilot phase (2015) of this project will directly impact the lives of 1,300 farmers; this number is expected to grow to 30,000 as the project goes full stream in 2017. An estimated 47,000 hectares of paddy field is expected to achieve Zero Open Burning, translating into an estimated reduction of 600,000 kg of CO2 per annum. With these achievements, the paddy crop sector could lead the way, showcasing what is possible through the thoughtful application of technology, and paving the way to establish Malaysia as a low-carbon agriculture production country while remaining sensitive to the needs of farmers. It is also expected that this initiative will catalyze the creation of an entire biodegradable product packaging value chain, the emergence of knowledge workers and significant economic activity which will have positive impacts on the local and national economy.