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Industry : Enterprise Software, Finance, Telecommunications
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Loan Origination System, Credit Scoring, Credit Admin, Debt Collections, Debt Agency Management, Litigation, CRM						


A brief intro

Juris Technologies can trace its roots to 1997 the year where John Lim and Wai Hun started Natsoft. Researching on Artificial Intelligence even back then, the duo decided to come out of Sapura Advanced Systems and formed Natsoft, which would later be evolved into Juris Technologies in 2003. As the company has been providing collaborative portal solutions for the banks and their panel of law firms, the name Juris is taken from the latin word jurisdiction. Juris has been providing legal workflow solutions for the law firms to collaborate with their partners, the banks since 1997. Since then Credit Management solutions has been the focus of Juris. In 2001, Juris enter into telco territory by providing a much needed solution to one of the largest Malaysian telco on debt recovery, connecting its 3rd party key delivery agents to its credit management division. 

In 2006, Naaman joined Juris as a second generation founder and within that year opened up enterprise banking business. In that year alone, Juris also provided a comprehensive outage management solution to the largest Malaysian utility provider.

Juris is still very much focused on its core Credit Management solutions and are constantly innovating the solutions to achieve higher performance and productivity for its clients. Capturing 12 banking clients in Malaysia, Juris is now poised to scale its business across the region and are hopeful of even better times ahead.