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Industry : Software, Finance, Telecommunications
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Our Core Product(s) / Solution


Veriva Call Recording System is designed for the financial trading and contact centre industry. 

Trusted by top local banks. Nationwide support network.

With a proven track record and a team with more than 50 years of combined technical experience and expertise, our customers have since been relying on the Veriva Call Recording System to secure their business.						



               VERIVA Call Recording   designed for

      Financial Institutions and Contact Centres




Veriva Systems has been designing and developing the VERIVA Call Recording System for the financial services and call centre industry since 2005.

Trusted by the top 3 banks in Malaysia, Veriva Call Recording System has helped key financial institutions across Malaysia to record and store their voice communication records for future verifications and investigations against financial fraud and disputes.

Since its introduction into the market, the Veriva Call Recording System has been installed in more than 30 different financial institutions across Asia and Middle East to ensure compliance with audit and corporate governance guidelines.

Together with an agile team with more than 50 years of combined experience, the Veriva Call Recording System is adaptable and flexible enough to meet the ever changing and growing requirements of the fast paced financial trading markets.

The latest Veriva Call Recording System has been adapted to record radio communications to meet the high demands of Air Traffic Control environment. The Veriva Call Recording System is resilient and designed for 24x7 operations to meet the tough and demanding ATC environment.

Today, Veriva Systems has a nationwide support network in all major cities across Malaysia and a partnership network in 8 countries across Asia and the Middle East.

News & Views

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2014 : CEBIT 2014 in Hanover, Germany

2014 : Marketing Mission to Manila, Phillippines

2014 : Trade & Investment Mission to New York & Boston, USA

2014: Trade Mission to Istanbul, Turkey

2015 : BankTech Asia in K.Lumpur, Malaysia

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