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This is the age of information overload and advertising campaigns that are not perfectly tailored to suit consumers simply don’t succeed. Voucheres is a smart mobile application that gathers personal preferences through online personas and interactions so merchants will have the power to update promotional campaigns in real time, target consumers who happen to be near their stores and connect with this niche audience at the best possible time. The brainchild of New Era Strategic Thinking Sdn.Bhd (NEST), Voucheres is set to revolutionize the world of business.  NEST aims to establish Voucheres in 5 South East Asian countries over the next 2 years and develop strong relationships with multinational brand partners.

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Our Core Product(s) / Solution

Voucheres is a mobile application that matches live promotions with users’ location, preferences, buying behavior and social media data. It’s an amazing targeted form of advertising, which virtually predicts what the user would like what to buy next.						


Tenacity And Resilience Equals Success


Everyone likes to shop, and since more and more people are using mobile apps to improve the quality of their daily lives, why not combine the two?  This was exactly why Fadzli Anuar and Harris Rajudin, co-founders of New Era Strategic Thinking (NEST), decided to develop a clever mobile app that would benefit both shoppers and merchants. Called Voucheres, this ingenious app helps shoppers find the best and most relevant deals in town. It also enables merchants to spread the word about promotions so they can easily attract customers and increase web reach in a more cost effective way. Best of all, it’s paperless – there are no coupons to print out, cut out and keep!


But how did the two come up with this idea? As the story goes, Fadzli and Harris were considering several potential business models when they attended StartupWeekend KL in May 2011. To their surprise, their early version of Voucheres — then known as Deal Hour — garnered significant interest from local merchants and users. Having won the grand prize at the event, it was the endorsement of experienced industry experts that cemented their confidence to push forward with their fledgling idea.


As members of the ‘Internet Generation’ Fadzli and Harris have an instinctive feel for the kind of technology that would go down well with their peers. Almost everyone they know owns a smartphone and they also noted that the ‘group buying’ trend was sweeping the world. At the same time, the success of alternative advertising networks such as Advertlets and Nuffnang in Malaysia signaled that the market was ready to try something new. An amalgamation of these trends seemed like the next logical step in the sequence and they are confident that Voucheres is perfectly poised to fill the gap.


NEST was formally incorporated in May 2011, but it was not until September that things started heating up. Although they had a solid idea and great support, the early stages of Voucheres’ inception still proved challenging.  Fadzli and Harris spent the first few months asking for feedback from retailers about the application they envisioned would transform the retail business. They spent another 4 months meeting programmers and software developers.


While the advice and suggestions they received were undoubtedly invaluable, it would all come to nothing without a technical team that had the talent and the skill to turn their idea into reality. Fadzli and Harris are currently busy putting together a group of dedicated, full-time employees who value ‘quality’ over ‘quantity’. In the meantime, freelancers who show good portfolios, have proved to be a good interim solution.


Ultimately, Fadzli and Harris want Voucheres to become synonymous with shopping. In a world of instant gratification, NEST hopes Voucheres will be the go-to-guide for what to buy next and where to buy it. In the long run, the two young entrepreneurs want to expand their reach beyond Malaysia and be seen as a reputable international app.


Thanks to their great product, Fadzli and Harris have had no trouble attracting support from notable individuals and groups like StartupMalaysia, Peter Tam of Microsoft and MyEG, a concessionaire for the Malaysian E-Government MSC Flagship Application This has given them even more confidence to expand their horizons.


When asked what their advice to new entrepreneurs would be, the duo replies: “Don’t dwell too much on what you did today. Think about what you’ll do tomorrow.”


Fadzli and Harris believe entrepreneurs need tenacity and resilience to face some of the harsh realities of being an entrepreneur. This is why the NEST team derive inspiration and from Steve Jobs, who knew what the market wanted even when the world denied it, and Patrick Grove, whose patience, perseverance and leadership kept the Catcha Group buoyant through the dot-com bust.