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Industry : Mobile Applications, Mobile Technologies, Social Media
Because we’d like to provide contents and services to our community that consist of parents and children.

Our Core Product(s) / Solution

We utilize smart technology to get family members connected with each other. We promote family togetherness by empowering communications, providing peace-of-mind and cultivating fun lifestyle for them.  We are building a community that appreciate family values.						


Family Fun Comes First

Do you miss the fun and laughters that the family had together? Now you wonder where the elusive laughter is? Where have all the magic gone?

One must never stop to be a kid no matter how old we get. But sometimes, we get too caught up with the stressful world that we live in today, and we forget about the kid inside us.

Treasure the moments that we have with our family for that will pass too. The best way to treasure these moments are by being happy whenever the family is together. CLIQUE appreciates the importance of family fun together. It never stops to provide a platform to cultivate and encourage family to have fun together.

Fun time will pass........but happy memories linger on forever........