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Industry : Biotech, Healthcare
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Healthcare (Nutraceutical and Botanical)


Orchid Life Story


Established in 2006 as a producer of Orchids & Botanical products and services using tissue culture technology and now expanding our business portfolio as an integrated agribiotech with additional focus on natural plant-based products and services. 

In the last 10 years, we focused our activities in identifying and developing opportunities in Biotechnology following the Government’s strategic emphasis in it. Through our collaboration with universities, research agencies and other government bodies, we have successfully commercialized a number of projects since 2007.

Our core competencies are in the production of high quality planting materials and production of nutraceutical / pharmaceutical / cosmeceutical products through strategic research and commercialisation collaboration globally.

Our continued active role in identifying viable research works have resulted in a number of products that are now ready for commercialization. We plan to build our business into a full blown integrated agribiotechnology company that will identify, develop and offer health, neutraceutical and well-being products to the global marketplace. 

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