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Industry : Biotech, Healthcare
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Our Core Product(s) / Solution

Nutritional Supplements, Detox, Herbal Products, Organic Food						


NHF Profile

NHF is a proud Malaysian brand providing nutritional consultations, marketing nutritional supplements and organic foods. NHF operates 70 outlets nationwide as well as 6 international outlets (USA, China, Singapore and Brunei). We have a team of qualified Nutrition Consultants in every outlet who offer free consultation to serve the society of all age group. We help them to select necessary food supplements according to their need. NHF Vision is to see that everyone in this world can possess healthy and blissful life.

We work closely with experts for R&D to select the finest organic and natural products for our customers. Our products are easy to consume, comprehensive and effective in helping the consumers to regain health from inside out with an affordable price. NHF Flagship product, Dr. Jessie Super D.Tox program is a deep cells detox meant to eliminate chemical toxins, heavy metals & free radicals from our body.