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Technology is limitless. Its only boundaries exist in the minds of the people who create it. Dragonsoft Research (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. is ready to push these boundaries to achieve new levels of innovation. The company develops customized interactive technologies such as multi-touch screens and gesture-based devices for marketing campaigns and initiatives. These technologies create incredible buzz for brands and clients can easily communicate with target audiences through social network plug-ins. Dragonsoft aims to create customer confidence and peace of mind by providing solid solutions that support green technology and by developing fantastic OEM systems and software for hardware manufacturers. 

Industry : Interactive Technology Development

Our Core Product(s) / Solution

We develop and deploy new and innovative interactive technologies in the digital marketing industry. Dragonsoft plans to expand to provide support solutions for green tech industries such as mobile monitoring of energy consumption, building automation support and waste collection solutions with integrated mobile monitoring capabilities.

The current and immediate focus of this diversification effort is directed towards providing solutions to support the green tech industry as well as hardware manufacturers.

These solutions are turnkey, end-to-end research, development and deployment initiatives, which involves a degree of hardware and software integration, all in line with our core strengths and talents. 						


Wanted: Used Cooking Oil


As a start-up that offers to build technology-based solutions for specific problems, Dragonsoft Research found its maiden project after an introduction to Fat Hopes Energy (FHE), a licensed manufacturer of biodiesel.

Inspired by the problems faced in securing enough used cooking oil for recyclinginto biodiesel for use in vehicles and other applications,the team built a systemised collection and remote monitoring system.

The main problem the team aimed to solve was the issue of unscrupulous traders and enterprises that buy used cooking oils from consumers with the intention of adding them back into the consumer stream by mixing them and re-selling them as new, virgin cooking oil.

Consumers are cheated into thinking that the new cooking oil purchased is from a virgin source and preys on the good intentions of citizens increasingly troubled by the increase in air pollution, mainly caused by burning of fossil fuel in this country.

The solution also sought to spur more people to recycle used cooking oil via monetary rewards for their contributions.

Developed from scratch in two and a half months, the system comprises a 200 gallon capacity barrel, a Mykad reader and relevant sensors.

Each time a contribution is made, a user inserts their Mykad into the unit’s reader, which then records the weight of cooking oil contributed.

This record is tied to their IC number, and at the end of every month, they will be remunerated according to the amount of cooking oil they’ve contributed.

Each unit is connected to the internet via a 3G connection. Participants and stakeholders can view the entire amount of oil collected through the system or simply view and manage their individual accounts through a web portal.

The system offers improved logistics and efficiency by having an alert system that triggers the collection team to head to a site only when the unit is 80% full or more.

The Dragonsoft system is currently the only one of its kind, and is the only solution in the market which allows for remote tracking of individual accounts and contributions as well as real time monitoring via a web portal.

Theonly possible alternative for deploying such a system, at such a scale, is to have personnel placed at every collection unit to measure and manually track the amount of used cooking oil contributed by the public.

The team has been granted a small seed fund by 1Malaysia Development Berhad to kick off a small pilot programthroughout 22 schools in the Klang Valley.

The four-month long pilot will see Dragonsoft providing expert advice and talks during the launches at individual schools.

Dragonsoft opted to trial its system at schools as it feels that it would be the best way of instilling the initial habit and educating the leaders of tomorrow on the advantages of recycling used cooking oil. 

Materials will also be given to the students to being home and share with family members.

The team hopes that the solution would have enough traction and awareness after the pilot concludesto succeed with a commercial, nationwide deployment.

The target market includes governmental agencies that would like to deploy this system for use in individual states or large scale biodiesel manufacturers who are looking for a reliable and efficient avenue and source for feedstock.

The potential for the solution is immense, with the biodiesel industry in Malaysia alone valued at RM1.5billion in 2011.

Deploymentto other countries which already have a matured biodiesel manufacturing industry, such as Indonesia and Thailandis being considered once the system and method has gained traction locally.

It is also not limited to cooking oil as this technology can also be applied to other applications which require other forms of liquids or gasses to be measured and tracked.