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Industry : Biotech, Food and Beverage, Engineering
Because we’d like to Do application studies and industrial research on application of enzyme or enzyme formula or microbial product

Our Core Product(s) / Solution

1. Enzyme 
Halal food safe fragile enzymes for the food industry and other related applications

2. Contract Manufacturing Services (CMO)
Submerged Biofermentation (up to 3000L) for :
a) Microbial biomass for bioconversion
b) Enzyme and other secondary metabolites

3. Contract Research 
Area :
a. Bioprocess and fermentation technology
b. Bio-remediation and environment 
c. Food enzyme application						


MyEnzyme Sdn Bhd

MyEnzyme Sdn Bhd was established on 7th July 2008 with a paid up capital of RM1, 000,000.00. The company has established a systematic multi-discipline R&D of microbiology, biotechnology and food technology to produce local wild type isolate which are non-GMO and non-Pathogenic industrialised strains for the manufacturing of fragile enzyme as natural products using food grade, food safe halal raw material through the biological process of submerged fermentation, harvested by membrane filtration and purified without the use of heat and chemicals.
MyEnzyme is also a contract manufacturer (CMO) offering affordable up-scaling and commercial batch production services for enzymes and microbe products via submerged bio-fermentation process and industrialisation of microbe strains to research and development (R&D) institutions. The company aims to be the preferred strategic partner for research, development and commercialisation for start-ups in the field of submerged bio-fermentation.


MyEzyme have been awarded :

  • as Bionexus status by Biotech Corporation Malaysia with 2.5million grant 
  • Winner of Halal High Tech Challenge 2015 by Platcom Venture (Agensi Inovasi Malaysia -AIM)



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Winner of Halal Hi Tech Challenge 2015