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Industry : Mobile Applications, Media
Because we’d like to We would like to look for partnership that can work together and share the same objectives. We need their expertise to make things better and grow the business.

Our Core Product(s) / Solution

Viip is an image recognition app that digitalize any form of traditional prints and images. We connect digital contents together with the traditional prints to enhance brands engagement.						


Viip - Enhance Brand Engagement

Viip is an image recognition app and platform that allow user to use their smart phone devices to point at any prints or images and instantly access to a rich piece of digital contents. It is a new form of digital marketing using Augmented Reality Technology that brands can integrate video and digital contents on their own traditional prints, name cards and even packaging to gain wider visibility and higher ROI.

Augmented Reality is the latest digital style of interacting with digital contents to further enhance your offline and online presence. It is easy to use, flexible and engaging.

At Viip, we overcome the challenge of merging physical experience with digital contents. We bring LIFE to prints and make things interactive in regard where we are.