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Geoflex helps Malaysian companies, particularly SMEs, to fully utilize powerful social media and digitial platforms to amplify marketing and revenue gains.  The true beauty within Geoflex’s concept lies in the interactive synthesis between digital and social mediums – a client’s product receives brand recognition through digital media channels like the web, mobile and iPTV, while being empowered through social media to engage their target customers. With their MSC Malaysia APICTA 2011 award winning flagship product “Try Masak” under their belt, Geoflex has set their sights on taking the region by storm over the next 2 years with dynamic and innovative marketing ideas.

Industry : Internet

Our Core Product(s) / Solution

Geoflex is a digital and social media agency that helps clients create compelling content and applications. We also distribute content across our own and partner’s network, manage campaigns and effectively engage target markets. Our key product  of the moment is ‘TryMasak’ (or Let’s Cook), an award winning new media cooking channel.  						


Watch and Cook


For young working adults in the rat race, there’s not always enough time to buy recipe books or wait for a television show to learn how to cook.

TryMasak, developed by digital and social media agency Geoflex, is a new media food and cooking channel that aims to solve just that problem.

Cooking is a universal subject, and the idea for TryMasak was inspired by the Geoflex team’s own experiences of wanting to cook but not knowing where to start.

Positioned as a resource hub, TryMasak offers users access to a library of video recipes and is accessible online via its website, IPTV or iOS mobile application.

They would no longer need to check for recipes via traditional media such as newspapers, magazines, books and television.

Geoflex’s food-centric portal is not the first, with competitors such as friendchillies,kuali, saji online, and my resipi already out in the market.

However the team believes its unique selling point lies in its video recipes, noting that there is currently no food and cooking websites that concentrates on making recipe videos.

The TryMasakvideo library currently boasts over 1000 recipes presented in a no-frills and straight forward format and enables users to learn to cook one recipe in less than five minutes.

Developed using open source technologies, the team spent one and a half years working on the platform and even built its own Content Management System (CMS) engine.

Built to be open-source, widely adopted and stable, the platform undergoes constant refinement in order to incorporate new features for its users.

The Geoflex team has observed significant progress in digital media tools and technology over the past two years in enabling reductions in development time and remain on the lookout for new tools which would speed up the process of going to market.

The company also keeps up with the latest trendsand platforms to widen its reach for content distribution.

It also offers Food & Beverage companies an opportunity to bring the brand closer to the brand’s target audience, minus the hard-sell.

Geoflex offers its clients a complete service from creating the video recipes featuring their product, to distributing the content across its platforms, and creating programs and events to engage with the brand’s target market.

The company currentlyhas Adabi, Babas, Alif, and Tamin as beta clientsand has also partnered up with the Nutrition Society Malaysia to create a series of healthy video recipes for TryMasakto raiseawareness of healthy eating.

The portal currently enjoys 100,000 views a month with a target to hit 200,000 and 500,000 views in the next 12 months and 36 months respectively.

To achieve this target, Geoflex plans to continue its engagement efforts by being active on social media channels, participating in trade exhibitions and events in addition to creating its own programs and on-ground events.