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Industry : E-Commerce
Because we’d like to Make the user experience for our customer as painless as possible. We'd also like to grow and reach potential customers we currently cannot reach.

Our Core Product(s) / Solution

E-commerce within the baby industry						


Diapers, milk and more...delivered to your door! is an online store which focuses on selling babies' daily necessities - such as diapers, milk, baby skincare and baby food. Its main aim is to make parents' lives easier and to make things more convenient so they can get everything their baby needs online and have it delivered straight to their door - saving on petrol, time and the hassle of having to go out. 

The two founders, Lavinie and Shan Li, were full-time working mothers (who between them have 4 children), so they fully understand how little time one has to do the weekly shopping. They make it a point to provide a personal touch (something which is lost in this day and age of the internet and e-commerce) and speak to all their customers to understand what their needs are and what products they can bring in to make their customers’ lives easier. This has resulted in customers getting in touch regularly to seek advice about the baby products and their suitability. The team at is committed to providing great prices, fast delivery and has made it a point to be able to be reached by their customers.

They can be reached on many different platforms – from WeChat, Whatsapp and LINE to the usual Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and of course by phone on 016 6761101 and email: