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Because we’d like to PostoExpress wants to set the standard of delivery within KL to be no more than three hours. and at an affordable price. We want to be the missing piece in the ecosystem for ecommerce and the businesses happening online by integrating our last-mile logistic service.

Our Core Product(s) / Solution

PostoExpress is the on-demand delivery within 3 hours in Klang Valley and Selangor using trusted crowdsourced riders, with delivery orders made through our mobile apps and web platform. We also have PostoConcierge service which caters for next day bulk deliveries.						


Posto Express - On-Demand 3 hours Delivery

PostoExpress was borne from the frustration of our co-founder Zairi had when he ordered some batteries online. He paid 28 ringgit for delivery but had to wait the entire weekend for it to get delivered, when the distance was only 30km away but have to wait 3 days for it to arrive.

He quickly roped our other co-founder, Abner, into a discussion about creating an app for instant delivery. After four months of non-stop work an app was created. Abner has experience in running an online baby store and he also sees the problems and limitations online sellers and buyers are facing on the current logistics services available. Late delivery, the hassle to post a package, the timing of pick up and drop off items and the high prices imposed are among the biggest pain points.

PostoExpress is an instant delivery app, but it is also in more abstract terms, an ambition. It is an ambition to set the standard of delivery within KL to be no more than three hours. It is an ambition to have anything delivered instantly at an affordable price.

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