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Industry : Greentech, Food and Beverage, Others
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Our Core Product(s) / Solution

We are innovating from Malaysian traditional Labu Sayong to a new water pitcher with filtration system with fruit infusing capability.


You, your family or your guests can experience an exciting way to consume water

‘Labu Sayong’ is a well-known water pitcher since the 18th century; however in modern days, its popularity in daily-usage has faded. Despite the practicality, they were only recognized as a souvenir. With Maya Waters, we ensure to revitalize the traditional value into a modern form.

Supplementary to the treasured creation, Maya Waters intend to enhance and develop a healthful practice of drinking water; yet engaging through the utmost natural and enjoyable approach. Complete with the built-in capability to infuse the drinking water with fruits, this essential feature will transform the regularity in consuming water into a beneficial way for your overall health.

Serving drinking water in a recyclable bottle, unseemly containers or reusing the grizzled teapot?

Many household could not determine the best arrangement in serving drinks to their guests, families or relatives in general instances. With the exclusive design of Maya Waters, your guests will assured to be fascinated with the uniqueness and breathtaking concept of the modernized ‘Labu Sayong’.