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Industry : Digital Services
Because we’d like to Expand our company's market segment and develop our platform service

Our Core Product(s) / Solution

We are a platform that enables customers to design on a variety of products which we will print and deliver to them. We also provide a marketplace for designers and artist to design and sell their products on our e-commerce shop.  Our affiliate program also helps promoters to generate extra income. 						


The Printrix Brand

Printrix is a brand own by Sulong Technologies Sdn. Bhd. We are the experts in the sublimation industry with the strength in RnD. We provide an e-commerce platform where consumers are able to design online on a variety of gifts which we will print and deliver to them. The platform also connects with artist and designers to sell their products on our online bazaar. With new products such as metal prints and an RnD team who constantly create new items we believe we are leaders in this industry. 

Our affiliate program also encourages influential people to promote our website and earn extra income from it. 

We are looking for investors to invest in us so that we can move on and explore new technology.