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Industry : Mobile Applications, Social Media, SaaS-based Services
Because we’d like to Potential collaboration on technology, sales

Our Core Product(s) / Solution

We are the Lost  and Found Department for your business in customer acquisition and sales.  
Our platform consist of Noicey Merchant Portal and Noicey App, empowering retailers, store owners and brands to connect existing, reach new customers and turn one-offs into regulars and perform brand sentiment data analytic online.

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Drift with Noicey & Leona Chin


Noicey是一个以社交为基础的平台,你可以分享与朋友,家人和其他人你的用户体验。Noicey为消费者提供一个可以直接浏览综合最好的和最差意见的地方。Noicey通过分享与评分而奖励每个人的独家优惠!你甚至可以兑换到和漂移公主Leona Chin一起漂移!

你可以在Noicey透过照片或视频去了解其产品和服务最佳和最差的地方。上传照片,并与您的朋友分享你的最好的和最差的用户体验,享有独家的只为Noicey的个人优惠,例如兑换食物,或任何的娱乐游戏。你可以透过AppStore或Google play下载Noicey以享有其独特优惠!

你可以WOW或者Boo来评分你对良好的其服务或产品的赞赏,,或者告知所有人它的不好。透过社交分享你的经验,想法和的感觉,Leona chin正在向大家讲解漂移的技巧,甜美的笑容足以迷倒多人。我WOW了,你WOW了吗?


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