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ENUM 888 by ESky Multimedia Sdn. Bhd. is a cutting-edge solution to exorbitant long-distance phone fees. This world budget phone provider can cut call rates up to an incredible 95% and operates easily on a world number that is not dependent on any particular country’s telephone code. This means the cost of a call is no longer tied to the call cost of any country. An added bonus is that ENUM 888 works on any phone, mobile operator, PC or even Facebook. ESky Multimedia aspires to be the largest ENUM service provider in the world with at least 10 million users by 2014.

Industry : Mobile Applications

Our Core Product(s) / Solution

eSky :A better way to make call!
We will give you an enum number to make call. This is your world telephone number for life!
esky provide 1st enum in the world with world telephone code 888.  Enum is your new communication medium.

Imagine and enjoy Free Call!
Enum number to Enum number
Unlimited  audio, video & SMS Worldwide!
And Call to IDD countries from 1 cents only
You can make enum call with internet or without internet!
with one enum number, you will enjoy : Low cost, freedom and mobility!